Some commonly asked questions:


I'm having my baby in the hospital, will they let me keep my placenta?


Yes, and sometimes they will even double bag it and put it in a container for you. We strongly recommend that you take an esky with cold blocks in to the hospital with you, so you can keep it in your sight and keep it topped up with ice.


What if the hospital needs to test my placenta?


You can ask that they just cut a small part off to take away for testing, or they swab it, it is only in very rare cases that they would need to take the whole placenta. If they do then unfortunately it is unable to be encapsulated.


What if I have a medicalised birth with pain relief/epidural, can you still use?


Yes! The placenta acts as a filter and the toxins that it prevents from passing to the baby are not stored, rather they are sent back to the mother so her body can process and eliminate them.


What if I have a cesarian?


Yes! We have had plenty of clients who have had both planned and unplanned Cesarian births who have said it has helped immensely with their recovery.


What if I want a lotus birth?


Generally no, as it needs to be kept cold. However we have heard of people making a portable fridge/cold pack for it.


What method do you use?


The Traditional method is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is the oldest and most common method of placenta encapsulation. In the this method it is steamed lightly before being dehydrated. According to TCM raw placenta is too yin/cold, and so steaming it will make it more yang/warm, and yang energy is what your body needs postpartum. Additionally the steaming may kill any unwanted bacteria. Recent research is showing that steaming can increase some of the beneficial components of the placenta. Finally the TCM method is considered 'preserved' and so if stored properly is thought to last indefinitely and can be used well beyond the postnatal period


My placenta has been frozen for 6 months can you still use it?


Placenta is best encapsulated as fresh as possible. We would need to look at it to assess if it is still useable.


What is a Blood Print?


A blood print is a print taken of your placenta using only the blood from the placenta. It is on 300gsm watercolour paper and is outlined in fine liner (as the blood does fade over time).


What is a Cosmos/Nebula Art Watercolour?


Not everyone wants a realistic blood print on their wall, so commissioning a Cosmos/Nebula piece is a lovely way to celebrate your placenta and the role it played in nourishing your baby. First a blood print is taken, then this outline is traced onto Archers Cold Pressed 300gsm watercolour paper. Using artist quality paint the placenta is painted to look like a cosmos or nebula. The stellar constellation that your baby was born under is added to the cosmos to complete the piece. Each piece is unique and special. You can choose your colour preferences if you like. The painting will take 2 - 4 weeks, the framing another 1 -2 (or more depending on time of year), your finished piece will either be posted or hand delivered to you.


What qualifies you to Encapsulate my Placenta?


Originally trained with Placenta Benefits, re-certified with Association of Placenta Preparation Arts. We have current BBP and Infection Control and Food Safety certificates. Over 1000 families have entrusted us with their placenta.


How much is it?


Encapsulation is $295, this includes us personally picking up your placenta and then dropping off your capsules if you are within a 35km radius from us (Eerwah Vale). Outside of this radius may incur a travel fee. Tinctures are $65. Blood prints are $25. And Placenta Art is $295.


I have already booked and would like to pay, how do i do that?


You can go here to pay via credit card or paypal.


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