Cosmic placenta art is such a special and unique keepsake and a truly beautiful way to honour the time your baby spent inside your belly. Not everyone wants a picture of an obvious and realistic placenta on their wall, and this is a more abstract way of paying respect to that magical time of pregnancy, and to the role that the placenta played in nourishing and sustaining your baby's life.


A placenta print is taken (paper is pressed against your placenta to get the imprint and shape). This is then traced onto 300gsm cold pressed Arches watercolour paper and using artist quality watercolour paint a cosmos is created. Lastly the star constellation of the star sign that your baby was born under is added, this is optional if you would prefer to leave it off.


This can be done independent of encapsulation and for those not on the Sunshine Coast or even in Australia I can create these placenta art works from a photo. A circle cosmos and star constellation can also be created for those wanting some birth art but not wanting an actual placenta shape.


I started creating these works when I realised that many of us recognise the cosmic nature of pregnancy, yet we often find it hard to find the words to explain this. Art has forever played a role in giving voice to that which we cannot find words for and I believe that these pieces speak to the part of us that knows and connects to the cosmic nature of pregnancy, life and creation.





If you have colour preferences please let me know.


Dark indigos and pink

Moody blues

Purples and pinks

Pale pastels


Pricing and timing

The piece will take 4 - 6 weeks to be completed.

It will be delivered to you professionally framed.








"To me the placenta itself is quite cosmic, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are it is undeniable that pregnancy and birth are pretty miraculous. I love creating these pieces, each one feels special and magical" 

Placenta Encapsulation on the

Sunshine Coast






Please feel free to get in touch with any questions:


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